Terms and conditions of use

Thank you for an interest in purchasing our products. Our customer’s satisfaction is our prime concern, in order to fulfill this desire we use the finest raw material to create our elaborate products. Another important goal is to facilitate the purchasing process, we have established the following purchasing criteria and procedure.

Please contact us via email (woraphong@hotmail.com) and send us the following information:

A. If you desire an urgent delivery, please notify us directly. Otherwise, as is customary, we will deliver via standard mail that takes 20 days minimum.

B. We will reply via email the definitive cost of both the tea product as well as the shipping cost.

C. Upon receiving confirmation of purchase, please proceed to wire payment via www.paypal.com to sales@tearapy.net (fee for this process is not applied).

D. Upon Paypal notification of reception of payment we will proceed to delivery immediately (standard period or this process is 1 or 2 days)

Thanks again for your interest in our products, we hope this process is clear and hope to hear from you for any suggestions and hope you are pleased with enjoying our tea.


Prices will be quoted according to location of destination, e.g. Europe=Euro; Asia & the Americas=US Dollar. (Please mentioned)